Don’t Give Up…Give It To Him

You feel like you’re at the end of your rope. Thinking about letting go? Well don’t. Hang on and pull yourself up. Whatever it is you’re going through; it’s called going through because you don’t stay there. You make it…..

We Want You To Know That "You Were Made For More"
About Us

Made In His Image is an organization geared towards helping men of all races, creeds, and backgrounds realize their rightful place. The man, according to Holy Text, was made in the image of The Creator; essentially man was made to create and be led by the Divine to make human experience on our planet, purposeful.

Become A Lion

There are many organizations that you could join, but very few are willing to align you with your destiny. Understandably, this is a big deal, a step in your life’s course, but you are here because you are ready, or were at least looking for something. Grab life by the horns and tackle it to the ground.


The blogs at M.I.H.I. are written by our group of writers who vary in age, experience, and point of view. We are men just like you; we found out that we were made for more and we want that more for you as well.


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